My wife and I like going out to events. We attend sporting events at least once a week and we also go to concerts and food festivals. If live entertainment or a food themed endeavor is happening in or around Washington, DC, there’s a good chance we are considering going.

That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to subscribe to INWEGO when it launched in the nation’s capital earlier this month.

INWEGO is the best way to do more while spending less. For people like us who love to go to live sporting events or entertainment, subscribing to INWEGO is a no-brainer. BONUS: Keep reading for a a special promo code just for my readers.

So how does it work? By paying a fee of $49 a month, you get a ticket to hundreds of sports, concerts and local events all across DC. The thing that sold us on INWEGO was that there were no additional ticket fees or charges to worry about. I pay $49 a month and I can get a ticket to any of the events they offer — it’s all included.

In my first week as an INWEGO subscriber, I attended three Nationals games and a Revivalists concert at Wolf Trap in Vienna. I went to those four events in a five-day span by the way, and they were all included in my monthly subscription. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

The thing that blew us away was how easy it is to use the INWEGO app. You open the app and are immediately able to scroll through all of the event options in DC that are coming up. Tickets become available five days before an event and you reserve a ticket to whatever you want to go to Then, on the day of the event when you show up at the venue you get back on the app and you click “check in.” A bar code pops up on your phone which you electronically scan as you enter. That’s it. So easy.

In you went.

For our first concert with INWEGO, we saw ZZ Ward open for the Revivalists and it was an amazing date night. We packed a picnic and laid out a blanket and watched a couple hours of outstanding music at one of our favorite venues. Honestly, we probably would not have gone without INWEGO and we ended up having a blast! ZZ Ward, who we weren’t familiar with before the show, was phenomenal and the Revivalists lived up to our lofty expectations. Pretty cool way to discover new music you otherwise wouldn’t have seen. There’s no reason not to try new things since the ticket is free with your subscription.

When we attended our first Nationals games with INWEGO we were curious about the caliber of the seat the program provides. In the end, we sat in similar seats to where we traditionally do anyway. We were also shocked by how easy it was to get a ticket and get into the ballpark. We made a last-minute decision to go, which is part of the fun of being an INWEGO member. My wife and of course wanted to sit together at the game, which is really easy to make happen. You just link your ticket in the app with other INWEGO subscribers, and your seats are automatically next to each other.

Would we have gone to the game if not for the app? I am not sure. Would we have gotten to see the dramatic victory if it weren’t for INWEGO? I doubt it. But again, we thought, why not?

One other thing we have made sure to tell our friends about INWEGO is that you can get guest passes for somebody who is not subscribed so they can still go to a game with you. But we’ve just been telling  our friends to have their spouses and significant others to get their own account.

I can’t imagine anyone not thinking INWEGO is an amazing service. It is easy, affordable and improves your social life immensely. The tickets are one click of the phone app away. I haven’t waited in a will call line since getting the app.

So what’s next? We plan on going to a DC United game next week, along with going to a Redskins preseason game. As long-time Orioles fans we were thrilled to see that Orioles game tickets are available on INWEGO as well. But it’s the many concert options that my wife is more enamored with, I think.

INWEGO has been a neat experience for us so far. It almost seems too good to be true. We keep waiting for a catch but there hasn’t been one yet! And because I think you’ll love it just as much as I do, use promo code GRANT50 for 50% off your first month! Hurry, offer ends 9/31.

We are going to more events than we did previously and we are paying less. Isn’t that the goal?

Grant Paulsen

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